Simply Amazed


“Two years ago I went to the Puyallup Fair in a wheel chair. I had diabetic neuropathy from the knees down. It was so bad that my feet had blisters all over them that would not heal. There was no circulation in my feet at all and my doctor had informed me they would have to be taken off the following year. I saw the Personal Infrared Saunas and asked Bonnie if it would help. She said she didn’t know because it wasn’t the box doing the work it was my body and she didn’t know how my body would react. I decided it was worth a try because I couldn’t stand the thought of having my limbs taken off. I bought the Personal Infrared Sauna and started sitting in it every day. Nothing much happened at the beginning but after a few months there was pain in my feet. I called Bonnie to see if that was normal and she was very excited because that meant my nerves were restoring. She told me to only stay in for 15 minutes a day so the pain wouldn’t be so bad. She also asked me if I could push through the pain. I figured pain was better than no feet. I did 15 minutes a day until the pain had eased. One year later I walked the entire fair and found Bonnie. I couldn’t wait to tell her I had no pain and there was great circulation in my feet and legs. My doctor is amazed and tells me to just keep doing what I’m doing. I plan to continue sitting in my Personal Infrared Sauna for years to come but now I get to sit as long as I like.”

- Bill

Well made and Easy to Use


“Three years ago in Seattle I bought your Personal Infrared Sauna. I had bad knees from years in the Air Force. Because of my knees my lower back also hurt. I sit at a desk all day and by the end of the day my knees and legs really ache. Three to four times a week, when I get home from work, I sit in my Personal Infrared Sauna and I feel better. I sit for one hour but I don’t sweat at the low temperatures. I like the fact that as I’m sitting I can still do things: watch TV, play on the computer, read. I also appreciate how well made it is and very easy to use.”

- John

My Saving Grace


“I bought a personal sauna because I had fibromyalgia. I was so tired of being in pain and nothing worked to get rid of the pain so knowing that I felt somewhat better from a thirty minute trial convinced me to try it. Sitting in the sauna every day for a year has been my saving grace. I no longer have that intense pain. I can hug my kids without pain and that feels good. I sit for an hour every day religiously other than that I have changed nothing in my life, that is, I eat the same foods and I am not a person to exercise. Here is the bonus; I am 25 pounds lighter today than I was last year at this time. Thanks for my Personal Infrared Sauna. I love it!”

- Carol

Quite Addicting


“It is one of those things between a husband and a wife that can happen after 30 years of marriage. One of them sees something that they insist will be a benefit to the entire family, while the other is skeptical. In this case I was the skeptic. I have arthritis in my back and it forced me to walk bent over and although I am an older gentleman I never wanted to walk stooped over like an old man. My wife insisted that this would help after she tested it for a total of only 30 minutes. This as much as any reason fueled my skepticism. You see nothing to date has ever worked for my pain except pain pills, and nothing has helped me to walk upright. Despite my objections this sauna thing ended up in my home. Reluctantly I tried it all the while assuring my wife that it was a colossal waste of money. Within about 20 minutes I just wanted to go to sleep. I was so comfortable and so relaxed that before I knew it an hour had passed and the only reason I even knew that is because it beeped and turned itself off. From where I was sitting I had to admit that I felt quite good, much better than I did when I sat down. The true test however would be standing up. I stood much more easily and to my surprise I was able to stand erect without pain. I was extremely moved and wondered how long it would last. By the next morning I couldn’t wait to get back into the sauna because I was still standing upright with just a little bit of tightness. Now I use it every day. I am pain free and no longer walk stooped over like an old man. If it is possible to be addicted to a small cedar box with heaters inside, I certainly am.”

- Sean

What a Great Night’s Sleep


“My wife and I bought 2 Personal Infrared Saunas at the Portland Home & Garden Show. We sit in them for hours but we feel like we’re not wasting time because we are using our laptops and feeling better physically all at the same time. If we’re sore we get in to relieve the pain. We sit in them before bed and get a great night’s sleep. I even like to use a towel over my head to relieve congestion.”

- Al & Betty

Great for the Whole Family


“I lost over 150lbs. I looked and felt great except I couldn’t get warm. I was always cold. From the first time I sat in the sauna I felt warm and stayed warm. I felt like my body had normalized. It was this reason alone that I got the sauna. Since then I have torn the cartilage in my knee and broken my foot both injuries of which the doctors said needed surgery. I chose to not have surgery on either and both healed by using the sauna every day. However the thing that makes me the happiest is watching my parents and daughter use the sauna and what it has done for them. My mom has fibromyalgia, my father aches and pains from driving a truck. It helped them so much they eventually bought one for themselves. My daughter loves to do her homework in our Personal Infrared Sauna, she says it helps her concentrate better.”

- Alesia

Saved My Husband's Life


The Ultimate Personal Infrared Sauna saved my husband’s life. When he couldn’t sleep from pain he would sit in the sauna for one hour and then fall into a deep sleep. I would recommend them to anybody.

- Marilyn

I’m Golfing Again


Before I could only golf every 3 days because of severe knee pain. Now with my Ultimate Personal Infrared Sauna I golf every day. NO PAIN.

- Marilyn







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