Total Health Immersions eats, sleeps and breathes health and nutrition.  We conduct health and nutrition educational programs and retreats for corporations, health professionals, school/community groups and individuals.  Our mission is to reverse the obesity and chronic illness epidemic, one life at a time.


"Wellness" is a mega trend and for corporations, wellness programs continue to show positive effects on the workplace and for the overall population.  Corporations, patients and individuals all benefit physically, emotionally and financially from implementing wellness programs in the workplace and changing to a healthy lifestyle.  A few of the primary benefits are:


  • Lose Weight & Reduce/Reverse Chronic Disease
  • More Energy and Mental Clarity
  • Reduced Healthcare Costs
  • Increased Productivity at Work and at Home
  • Increased Company Morale for Corporations
  • Lower Absenteeism and Presenteeism at Work
  • Healthier and Happier People

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