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January 2022 Creating A Plan for a Healthy and Successful Year
December 2021 Maximizing Your Body's Immune Response
November 2021 Healthy Holiday Ideas
October 2021 Joint Health
September 2021 The Relationship Between Sleep, Inflammation and Diabetes
August 2021 Covid-19 Vaccine Update
July 2021 Feeding Time
June 2021 Ask The Doctor
May 2021 Nutritional Deficiencies in Plain Sight
April 2021 Plant-Based Nutrition, A Win For Your Skin
March 2021 Covid-19 Vaccine Review
February 2021 Routine Health Maintenance and Screenings - What's the Story?
January 2021 Creating A Plan For A Healthy 2021
December 2020 Maximizing Health Throughout the Aging Process
November 2020 Healthy Holiday Ideas
October 2020 Addicted to Sugar
September 2020 The Ins and Outs of Intermittent Fasting
August 2020 Functional Foods and Hyper Nutrition
July 2020 Coronavirus Update 4:  Are We Headed in the Right Direction?
June 2020 Coronavirus Update 3:  Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel?
May 2020 Coronavirus Update:  How Have Things Evolved and How Do We Move Forward
April 2020 Keeping Your Family and You Safe During the Coronavirus Outbreak
March 2020 Gardening and the Link Between Healthy Soil, Food and People
February 2020 Super Immunity in the Season of Infections
January 2020 Putting First Things First
December 2019 Healthy Holidays
November 2019 Back To Basics
October 2019 Flu Shot Fever
September 2019 Children, Lunches and Snacks
August 2019 No Call Scheduled
July 2019 Resources To Help You Succeed
June 2019 Summer Heat
May 2019 The Fishy Story of Fish
April 2019 Solutions for Springtime Allergies
March 2019 The Tyranny of the Urgent
February 2019 Navigating Supplements
January 2019

Time For a Reset


December, 2018 Making Exercise a Part of Your Life
November, 2018 Healthy Holidays
October, 2018 Seasonal Foods and Eating
September, 2018 Ask The Doc!
August, 2018 The Importance of Influential Friends
July, 2018 Habits are Stronger than Reason...Creating Good Habits!
June, 2018 The Ins and Outs of Common Medications!
May, 2018 More Than Skin Deep, How Food Affects Your Skin!
April, 2018

Blood Sugar, Insulin Resistance and Diabetes,  What You Need to Know


March, 2018

Taking the Bait on Fish Oil

February, 2018

Diversifying Your Diet to

Improve your Health

January, 2018

A Gut Health Game Plan for

Health and Weight Loss

December, 2017

Getting Unstuck

November, 2017

Back To Basics

October, 2017

Plant-based Fitness

August, 2017

On The Road Again - Eating Healthy While on the Road

July, 2017 The Facts and Financials of Organic Foods
June, 2017 Are Grains Healthy - The Truth About Lectins
May, 2017 The Low Down on Low Carb Diets!
April, 2017 Taking Stock in Bone Broth
March, 2017 You Are What You Think!
February, 2017 Food Storage - Maximizing Health and Convenience
January, 2017 Setting and Achieving Your Health Goals
December, 2016 NO CALL THIS MONTH
November, 2016

Back To Basics

October, 2016

Sleeping Like A Baby

September, 2016

Plant-based Nutrition's Effect on

Focus and Concentration

August, 2016 The ABC's of Omega 3's
July, 2016 Breaking Down Meat
June, 2016 Water, Beverages and Hydration
May, 2016 The Thyroid Factor
March, 2016 Animal Products, Inflammation and Disease
February, 2016 A Gut Feeling
January, 2016 The Soda Quota - Part 2
December, 2015 The Soda Quota - Part 1
November, 2015

Healthy Holidays - 2015

October, 2015 NO CALL THIS MONTH
September, 2015

A History of Plant-based

Diets & Foods - Part 2

August, 2015

A History of Plant-based Diets & Foods

July, 2015

The Physiology of Emotions: 

Bitterness, Anger & Fear

June, 2015

Understanding Diabetes:

The Food Connection

May, 2015 Shining The Light on Sun Exposure
April, 2015 Understanding Allergies
March, 2015 The Epigenetics of Food and Stress
February, 2015 Saturated Fat, Friend or Foe
January, 2015 Hitting Your Health Reset Button
December, 2014 Homeopathic Remedies
November, 2014

Healthy Holidays

October, 2014

Alcohol's Effect on the Body: 

Fact and Fiction

September, 2014 Back To Basics!
August, 2014 Confused About Water - No Sweat!
July, 2014 Plant-based Summertime Meals
June, 2014 Shake the Salt Habit
May, 2014

"Healthy" Foods That Aren't Really Healthy

April, 2014

Itching, Sneezing and Watery Eyes...

Allergies and Food

March, 2014 Understanding Food Labels
February, 2014 Caffeine - A to Z
January, 2014 Setting the Table for Success
December, 2013 Healthy Holidays
November, 2013 Ask The Doctor
October, 2013 Maintain Your Brain - Part 1

September, 2013

Sugar - How Sweet It Isn't - Part 2
August, 2013 Sugar - How Sweet It Isn't - Part 1
July, 2013 Summer Fun and Food
June, 2013 Turning Actions Into Habits
May, 2013 Coffee, Genetics and Disease Prevention
April, 2013 Food Does Not Define You
March, 2013 What's Your Vision
February, 2013 Heart-to-Heart
January, 2013 Knowing Your Blood Chemistry – The Numbers And What They Mean
December, 2012 Healthy Holidays
November, 2012
October, 2012
September, 2012
August, 2012
July, 2012
June, 2012
May, 2012
April, 2012