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Dr. Stoll's Immersion Flyer - October 2016

Dr. Stoll's Immersion Agenda - October 2016


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Studies show that 5% of employees account for 50% of health care costs and our proven 7-day Health Immersions will help your most “costly” employees change their lives.  The benefits are measurable, memorable and sustainable for both the employee and the employer.


Immersions have an immediate impact on employer and employee health care costs.  Benefits include a reduction is workers compensation claims and absenteeism, while at the same time improving productivity and morale. The return on investment is immediate and sustainable as we strategically focus on the employees that impact your company healthcare costs the most.


Immersions serve as a perfect complement to your existing workplace wellness initiatives as they focus on helping those employees that have chronic illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.


These week-long events are an intensive mix of healthy food, regular appropriate exercise and educational sessions – mixed in with a little fun and entertainment.  The 7-day time frame ALLOWS FOR PHYSIOLOGICAL CHANGES to take place for immersionists. The health promoting, nutrient rich meals we serve each day begin to break food cravings, aid in weight loss and get people feeling great and on their way to a new lifestyle.  In many cases our attending MD has reduced medications by the end of the week for conditions such as blood pressure and type II diabetes because of the positive health effects of the week’s activities and the type of food that is served. 


Event includes:


  • 7-day live event
  • Medical doctor (MD) driven program
  • Insightful educational presentations covering nutrition, chronic disease, fitness, stress management and motivation as well as practical application tips to all of these
  • Diverse group of lecturers including past immersionists who share their success stories
  • Individual health coaching
  • Fitness activities and demonstrations
  • Healthy cooking demonstrations
  • Inspirational, fun and entertaining activities
  • Medical doctor(s) on site for the week to work with those on medications or for any other potential medical needs.
  • Registered nurse(s) (RN) on site for the week to support the MD and immersionists
  • Fresh, delicious and healthy nutrient rich meals that make attendees feel great
  • Blood metrics measurements at the beginning and the end of the week
  • Regular follow-up communications post immersion

The Total Health Immersions team has been conducting corporate health events for years and has witnessed impressive results with countless testimonials.  Our  clients could not be happier and continue to offer the program to employees that need to change their lives.


“Still practicing my new lifestyle, have lost 35 lbs. in two months, feel great, starting to take more frequent walks and making it a daily routine. Thanks for my new LIFE!!!”

…Francisco (Former Immersionist)


Who benefits from Total Health Immersions?


Executives – These company leaders have hectic schedules, manage complicated issues, need to make tough decisions and take on enormous responsibility as part of their daily lives.  Keeping them energetic and healthy is paramount to your company’s success.  Also, if your company wants a healthy workforce, executives must lead by example.  Total Health Immersions will give your executives the “ah-ha” moment they need to get vibrantly healthy, lead by example and tackle the everyday challenges that top business executives are faced with.


Workforce – While company executives lead the way by example, a company’s workforce is where the “rubber meets the road”.  Simply put, healthy employees are more productive and have a dramatic impact on employer and employee related health care costs.


Immersionists see immediate results with lower in BMI scores, reduced prescription drug costs, fewer doctor visits and claims related to chronic illnesses.  Likewise,  immersionist’s productivity increases and absenteeism / presenteeism related costs decrease.


Total Health Immersions are a great fit for companies wanting to take an aggressive and progressive approach to their executive/employee wellness initiatives. This is truly an amazing life changing experience!


Total Health Immersions Presents


Event Name: 

Dr. Stoll’s Immersion

Event Dates:

Saturday, October 15, 2016 to

Friday, October 21, 2016

Event Location:

The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club

851 Gulfshore Blvd North

Naples, FL 34102         




Anyone interested in attending this event, as well as planning a future event, should contact Tom Dunnam at tdunnam@totalhealthimmersions.com or 203-594-1632 for more details.  This October's event has limited space and availability so if you are interested in attending, please contact us.  Thanks and I hope to see you in Naples.


Stay Well,


Tom Dunnam

Total Health Immersions, LLC



Dr. Stoll's Immersion Flyer - October 2016

Dr. Stoll's Immersion Agenda - October 2016